Inexperienced Truck Drivers Leads to Missouri Accidents

Driving a big rig truck requires special skills and attention that may only be obtained from years of time spent behind the wheel.

Missouri Truck Accident LawyersThe trucking industry is highly regulated. Part of the reason for such strict regulations is to ensure safety for both truck drivers and other motorists.


For truckers to get their commercial drivers licenses, CDL, they must pass certain health requirements. Many health factors are taken into consideration such as blood pressure, hearing, and other physical conditions. Truckers must also pass specific skill and knowledge tests before obtaining their CDL.


However, even though holders of a CDL have gone through extensive training and classes, driving a big rig truck is difficult. Many drivers are still inexperienced and this inexperience can often lead to truck accidents.


Missouri Truck Accident Attorney

After an accident, a Missouri truck accident attorney will be very interested to examine just how much time an inexperienced driver devoted to training. [Read more…]



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