Truck Carrying Car Batteries Overturns in Ditch

A truck driver crashed the tractor trailer he was driving on Highway 63 at the intersection of the Highway and interstate 70.  truck-accident-lawyers

Traffic was backed up for several miles as police dealt with the crash in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70.


The truck had been transporting a shipment full of car batteries, when it jackknifed and went into a ditch near the ramp on Highway 63. The truck was leaking diesel fuel and because of its cargo, the firefighters who responded to the crash were concerned about the surrounding environment. Columbia firefighter John Metz said that there was diesel fuel that had ruptured from the semi tractor’s saddle tanks. In response, the firefighters made filter dams and put buoys and skimmers in the water, hoping to pull some of that in. Then he said “We notified DNR. They are aware of the situation and we are working with them.”


The truck driver suffered minor injuries in the crash.


The crash took several hours to clean up.


The Illinois State Police reported a truck accident on U.S. 54 that closed the highway for around two hours on Monday, September 16.


Police report that R. Scott Forshey, 52, of Pittsfield, was driving west on 54 at around 12:29 p.m. but suddenly drifted off the right side of the road, where he then struck several chevron signs. When he tried to over-correct the mistake, the truck overturned and the vehicle then blocked the two lanes of traffic. Forshey was transported to the Illini Community Hospital in Pittsfield, and received treatment for moderate injuries.


Police cited him for improper lane usage and failure to wear a seatbelt.


The Pittsfield Fire Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, and the Pike County EMA, all assisted with the crash cleanup and aftermath.


Missouri Truck Accident Lawyers

Missouri sees a lot of truck accidents annually, because many trucks pass through the state en route to their destination. This means that Missouri may see more semi and big rig accidents than other states. Accident victims and their families should contact a Missouri truck accident attorney as soon as an accident occurs. Trucking and transportation companies are well-equipped to handle accidents, and have a team ready to jump into action to protect their interests. You must also take fast action to ensure that your own legal rights are protected.


Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or result in fatalities. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage or loss, and other financial losses you suffered as a result of the accident. Your truck accident attorney will begin an immediate investigation in order to get you the compensation that you deserve and are entitled to. As you and your family deal with the aftermath of a truck accident, you may put legal matters on the backburner, but waiting to address them can damage your claim, so contact an attorney as soon as possible.


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