Truck Driver Killed on Turnpike When Truck Crashed Through Guardrail

truck-accident-st-louisJames Anthony Long, 59, of Tennessee, was killed on the President George Bush Turnpike at 4:03 on Saturday August 3, when his 18 wheel semi truck crashed through a guardrail on Interstate 30 in Texas. Police have not yet determined what caused the accident. The truck crashed through the guardrail traveling at highway speed and fell below to the turnpike.


As the truck went off the highway was heading west it caught fire and the thick black smoke billowing into the air behind it was visible for miles. One witness, Steve Grosso, who said he narrowly avoided getting caught near the truck when the accident happened, explained “there was just so much flame, you were wondering if truck was going to blow up and send shrapnel everywhere.” Grosso said that the heat emanating from the crash was so extreme that his phone overheated.


Grand Prairie police Det. Lyle Gensler said witnesses reported seeing the truck veer to the side of the road and then lose control as it hit the embankment.


In every direction traffic halted as emergency responders rushed to get to the scene. Once the fire was extinguished, the scene took several hours to clear and new barriers needed to be installed before the turnpike could be reopened.


The 18 wheeler was the only vehicle involved in the crash, though it wa a close call for some nearby drivers. The crash was caught on camera by surveillance video and it looks as if several motorists were able to slam on their brakes in order to avoid hitting the wrecked, fiery trailer. For a moment it looked as if the airborne tractor trailer would crush one vehicle, but thankfully that did not happen. The video, which was released by the North Texas Tollway Authority, shows some drivers getting out of their cars and rushing towards the wreck to try to help, but getting close enough to help was impossible.


An investigation into why the truck driver lost control and went through the barriers is underway.


As horrifying as this accident is, it is very fortuante that there were not any other vehicles involved in the crash. Truck accidents have the potential to cause devastating, catastrophic injuries to anyone involved and because of the size of the huge trucks it is not unusual for the crashes to involve several vehicles. This potential for devastation is why the trucking industry is so heavily regulated and why it is so crucial that trucking companies and their drivers abide by these regulations.


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